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Sleep Guides

  • How to Get to Sleep

    Falling asleep easily is affected by what you do in the hours leading up to bedtime. Make these changes to your evening routine to make getting to sleep simple and stress-free.

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  • How Much Sleep Should You Get at Night?

    The amount of sleep a person should get varies based on what you may be reading or watching, but the common belief is somewhere between 6–9 hours a night. There’s a nap-sized gap in that range, so what’s the right amount of sleep for you?

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  • How to Get Better Sleep

    Once you fall asleep, learning how to stay asleep is important for your body and mind. Sleeping too little is associated with health risks and impaired brain function.1 Here are the key ways to get a better quality of sleep.

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  • Are Adjustable Beds Better for Sleep?

    Not all sleeping positions are created equal. With an adjustable base bed, you can control the position of how you sleep or rest. Adjustable bases can alleviate back pain, sleeplessness, and discomfort. In fact, actively controlled sleep systems result in significant improvements in terms of spinal alignment compared to a static sleep system.1

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  • Ergonomic Sleeping: What’s the Best Position to Sleep in?

    Spinal alignment affects sleep,2 and due to variations in body types and sizes, finding the sweet spot for sleep can be tough. Your body position, weight distribution, and angle of your spine make a difference in both sleep quality1 and back pain. It’s so important that researchers have spent many years to determine the best position for sleeping.

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